Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Poet Javier Sicilia leads 150,000 in march against Mexican drug violence

Poet Javier Sicilia's 24-year-old son is dead. He was found with six others who had apparently died of suffocation after being wrapped with masking tape and left inside a car. The deaths fit the pattern of drug-trade related killings in Mexico — killings designed to send a message to the government to cease its “war on drugs.”

Javier Sicilia silently marched to the Mexican capitol to make a difference. When he reached the capitol, this is what he said: read the translated script here:

His most powerful words apply to us all.

"We have walked and come here like this, in silence, because our pain is so large and so deep, and the horror it brings is so immense, that there are already no words to describe it."

"We are here to tell each other and to tell them that this pain in our souls and our bodies must not turn into hate or more violence, but rather be a lever to help us restore the love, peace, justice, dignity, and bustling democracy that we are losing, to tell each other and them that we think it is possible for the nation to be reborn again ... we still believe that it is possible to rescue and rebuild the social fabric of our towns, neighborhoods and cities. "

"If we don’t do this our children, our boys, our girls, will only inherit a house full of helplessness, of fear, of indolence, of cynicism, of brutality, and of deception,..."

Even though this is a problem occurring in Mexico, people in every country can understand this pain. We all want and need our governments to take the right action to protect its citizens. We all want to end the cruelty of criminals.
I'm so proud of Javier Sicilia and all the people who walked with him.


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