Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jane Doe No More Inc.

This story originally aired 2007 but I didn't see it until a few weeks ago. Because of the countless women I know who have been sexually assaulted, I thought it important to share this information. Most of the women I know, haven't come forward with their stories for various reasons... they don't want to 'be seen as weak and helpless'... or 'this happens to everyone, what's the big deal'... or they may live 'in total fear of telling another living soul'... or...

Whatever the reason, many women suffer in silence and denial. We don't have to. This is a situation where honesty is vital: to heal, to regain our sense of strength. We owe it to ourselves and each other.

"The mission at Jane Doe No More is simple and focused, with one main objective. We will improve the way society responds to victims of sexual assault. We will accomplish the mission through awareness and education about this horrific crime so that all victims of sexual assault will have the chance for a full and healthy recovery; thus shortening the time from crime to healing."

To read more on the story go to MSN. Also read the comments section. It will give you just a glimpse of how much this was needed.


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