Friday, June 12, 2009

If you want to be successful, it's just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing. Will Rogers

Will Rogers was a comedian and entertainer. And as with all great comics, his words had much deeper implications.

In light of Will’s quote and my current pursuit of “success”, I’ve been reading everything I can borrow from the library.

My most recent book is entitled, “What Should I Do with My Life? The True Story of People Who Answered the Ultimate Question” by Po Bronson. I’m only on chapter 11 of this 54 chapter book. My brain and emotions are set on fire, reading of other ‘crazy, daydreaming, slackers’ who know they only have one life to live and they wanna get it right. They are relentlessly pursued by their struggle to find their passion, only to be made fun of by people who are either born knowing their passion, or by others who don’t care if they ever get it, or by people who think the pursuit is childish and live in ‘the real world’.

My life is in the ‘begin again’ phase. My one and only child has graduated and left home. So my days aren’t filled with continuous parental worry. I recently recovered from a long physical illness and a car accident. My health is now better than it has been in over 10 years. I have a Bachelor’s in Education with minors in Early Childhood, Psychology, and Library Media. My plan was to spend 10-20 years in each area: teaching, counseling, and retiring as a librarian. I ran the entire length of my plan in 15 years – having worked in childcare, preschool, as a school crisis interventionist, and assistant librarian. I already did all I was determined to do (as well as worked in many other career-related and non-career-related jobs). I will always love kids, books, and helping people. But I need something new.

My confidence has been shaken more than a few times. I’m apprehensive about riding my motorcycle since my car wreck. I’ve spent more than a few nights rehashing some of my work related choices: I should’ve handled some things differently, I should’ve listened more, I should’ve known what that child, parent, person was struggling through, I should’ve seen the signs. I should have…

Now what?

Every single day, I search through the help wanted sections of all the local papers. I search through the Job Service site. I search online for jobs. Only to see headlines like this: “300 applicants for 8.5 teaching jobs” Are you kidding me?

Go back to college? The idea is exciting to me but the debt is not. The first time I went to college full time, I also worked several part-time jobs. It was exhausting.

Start my own business? Doing what? “Do what you love,” they say. Aside from loving all the people in my life, I love this - writing! I love writing about ideals and values. I love sharing them with others. I love spreading around stories about volunteers, great organizations, philanthropists, and super-heroes. I love honoring the good guys. I keep hoping it will help people feel validated and give more people a sense of purpose. With our over-crowded jails, our insane government debt and current economy, our entire world fighting terrorism, and after hearing one senseless heart-wrecking story after another, I just need to do this.


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