Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Pay It Forward Tour

The goal of the Pay It Forward Tour is a simple one: to change the world.

About 30 students left Bemidji, MN Friday afternoon on the weeklong tour, which is sponsored by Students Today Leaders Forever, a nonprofit organization that originated at the University of Minnesota in 2004. The STLF mission is to reveal leadership through service, relationships and actions.

The term “pay it forward” means to give to someone who in turns gives to someone else, rather than paying back.

The Tour will take the students through the central United States, from Wisconsin to Texas, as they help people through service projects. Most of the participants are BSU students, but a few are high school students. The first stop is Spooner, Wis., where students will do a recycling project and help a family in need move.
In Rockford, Ill., they will help at a nursing home and visit with residents.
They will help build a river trail and fix up a baseball field in Hannibal, Mo., and work with mentally disabled adults in Katy, Texas.
The tour will end in San Antonio, Texas, where the service project will be determined by the national STLF organization, Meehlhause said.
The students will stay at churches, a community center and a YMCA before staying in a hotel in San Antonio. They will return to Bemidji March 14.

To follow the tour, read their blog here.


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