Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Book Talk

Mike Holst was the guest speaker at the Crosslake Area Library Book Talk this past Monday.

Mr. Holst is a local author and columnist for the Northland Press. I read his first published novel, "A Long Way Back”. I liked the believability of the story. There’s a plane crash, a family's strong will to survive, and unexpected help from the wilderness. It was a good, action-packed story written for adults without the constant barrage of vulgarness often found in adult books.

His second novel, "Nothing to Lose," is the story of a Minneapolis police detective who is killed in the line of duty and his wife's attempt to find his murderer.

The new book, "No Clues in the Ashes," is a novel that takes place in Minneapolis and is about a fire department. It draws on Mike’s experiences during his years as a fireman in the Minneapolis metro area.

Reading Mr. Holst’s book and columns in the Northland Press made me feel as if he were a friend I hadn’t gotten to visit with often enough. He is the kind of person you feel lucky to know. Mr. Holst’s presentation was comfortable, often making people smile and laugh. His love for his wife, Kitty is deeply admirable and sweet. Kitty is sometimes the target of some of his funny stories, but she was also given credit for the tremendous support she gives her husband as he writes. I also wonder if Kitty isn’t the basis for the strong female characters Mike has in his books?

Mike Holst’s books are available at local libraries, book stores, and numerous online sites. If you want to read some good Minnesota based fiction, check out these stories.


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