Friday, February 27, 2009

I Feel Broken

I’ve been in a hard spot this week. In the midst of many family lay-offs, non-stop winter, and my one and only child gambling with his future, I feel broken.
I’m disgusted by the high profile of ‘me-ism’, ‘where’s my part of the stimulus’, and tight-lipped fear.
I’m revolted by the lack of honor, ingenuity, and common sense.
And I feel old when I say this but what is with all these young adults living at home, not working, and not making plans for their future? I see so many parents working so hard, loving their kids more than their very own life, and what do they get in return – lazy kids who expect ‘more’! If you know of any kids that understand what hard work and honor are, please let me know because I am sorely disappointed.
I apologize to all of you good kids out there. I gotta believe you’re just not getting noticed for all that you do. Sometimes that happens, the bad gets center attention and the good gets dumped on the side of the road. I beg you, please don’t give up.
I’ll just have to try harder to find you. I’ve been in some amazing 2 nd grade classrooms, where I met conscientious, hardworking children. I would love to meet some older people who put forth the same conscientious effort to figure out right from wrong.
I’m determined not to continue feeling broken. Reinforcements are on their way. Some of these young people will figure things out.
After all, the world is at stake here.
All of us have our giant egos in play;
whether we suffer from delusions of grandeur and believe everything we do is perfect;
or suffer from severe inadequacy where we feel we do nothing good;
or swing drastically between the two.
If we don’t stand up and do the universally right thing, who will? And what direction does that send humanity?


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