Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Sportsmanship

Just when you think high school sports are getting disgustingly out of control – the screaming parents, the spoiled kids, the win-at-any-cost coaches - here comes a story to change your mind.

Milwaukee Madison senior, Johntell Franklin lost his mother to cancer and planned to sit out in the game against DeKalb. He went to cheer on his team but then changed his mind and wanted to play. His coach put him in the game. Mr. Franklin’s name wasn’t on the roster and by the rules this was a technical.

The refs had no choice but to call the technical, which meant the other team had to shoot two free throws. DeKalb told the refs they didn’t want to. Finally, DeKalb senior, Darius McNeal went to the line and on purposely missed both of his shots.

“I did it for the guys who lost his mom. It was the right thing to do.” McNeal reportedly said.


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