Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Think Globally Act Locally

These four words continue to become increasingly important. Think about everything you eat, everything you wear, everything you drive, everything you buy, and everything you throw away.
Read a few headlines from the local news and think about how they affect you. Think about the neighbor lady in Brainerd who never left her home and never had visitors until emergency people had to shovel a path through her home to help her. Where were you? Think about the man who plans to only buy things from people he knows. Either he will go without a lot of things or he will need to get to know “a lot” of people. Think about the West Point cadets and their new educational training. What did they learn before, what are they learning now, and what does that mean to you? Think about Millennium foreign policy, Global Initiatives, Free and Fair Trade. What are they, who funds them, how are they connected? Look up a list of the World’s countries. Think about how their families are similar and different compared to yours. What do they eat, wear, drive, buy, throw away? The news tells me 1/3 of Americans are obese. In a world where so many hunger, isn’t this as extremely ludicrous as throwing away food?
Think Globally Act Locally.


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