Friday, October 17, 2008

“I am a lucky man.” Christopher Reeves

Like many people, I’m a ‘quote collector’. I collect the most inspirational words ever written or spoken.

Christopher Reeves’ words set me on fire to be a better, stronger person. After all, if the man who portrayed Superman and then suffered a terrible accident that broke his body, can say he is lucky, who am I to say my life is otherwise?

After observing Christopher and Dana Reeves’ heroic love and their fight to maintain hope, there is no room for the rest of us to bemoan our circumstances. Both Christopher and Dana have left this world behind. So it’s up to us to keep fighting, to keep hoping, and to keep loving.

Life rarely goes as planned. Some days are really hard and the pity party is in the peripherals. Fortunately for me, before I ever get swallowed up by suffering, I get reminded of just how lucky I really am.


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