Thursday, September 11, 2008

Have you considered volunteering at your school? If you are concerned about your child in school or if you are concerned about the state of the educational system, volunteer.
For some, this may sound like a fun, simple, and delightful idea. To that I say, “Wonderful, take full advantage of the joy.”
For others it may be a daunting mission. Too many work hours, a difficult disability, no transportation, little education, or a frightening school environment may try to keep you from sticking your neck out. In that case, I admire you for even considering it.
Here are a few tips for volunteering. Remember when dealing with others; keep a calm, assertive demeanor. Relax and focus on what needs to be accomplished. Add a bit of enthusiasm and believe what you do matters. Be there when you say you will. Be positive and solution-driven. Anyone that’s lived very long knows that when you treat others negatively, that’s how you will be treated.
Know yourself and know your school. What can you do? Before signing up for a specific committee or project, think carefully about your talents, interests, and schedule. Whatever your skill, you are likely to be needed somewhere.
What does the school need? To find out what’s needed, visit the school website, or give them a call, or send a letter. Or stop in at the classroom or the office and ask. Here’s a short list of opportunities but there’s infinitely more so don’t stop looking:

• Educational needs (reading, writing, and math)
• Social/emotional needs (how to make friends, conflict resolution, character development).
• Make posters, signs, charts
• Decorate for special events
• Do office work, photocopies, word processing
• Set up audio/video equipment, like VCR’s and TV’s
• Set up or test computer equipment
• Lend a hand in the nurse’s office
• Help the Library, shelving, organizing
• School events, ticket-taking, concessions
• Fundraising
• Book sales
• Photographer, newsletters, mailings
• Theater, speech, music, art events
• Give a presentation on your special skill
• Child care, teen centers
• Sports, coaching
• Cafeteria, recess
Volunteering should be fun. Don’t become a Grumpy Glenda. Sometimes it’s ok to just say ‘no’. Everyone needs to take some healthy breaks to empty our brains of ridiculous demands. We need to make sure we spend time with our families creating those soft quiet moments that will sparkle in their memory. But if you have free time and are looking for a place to do something productive, here’s one starting point. Do this for yourself, do it for your kids, for your school.


  • At September 12, 2008 at 11:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It's a great Idea I know I volunteer at my son's school all the time. That is what's good about home schooling.One on one contact.


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