Sunday, July 27, 2008

If you’ve listened to any media lately, you might believe that this nation has become full of obese, lazy, whiners who can’t hold a job or balance a checkbook. These bums insist on wasting all of our time and precious resources trying to make illegal stuff legal. They like to show how thuggin’ tough they are by stabbing 90 year old ladies, raping children, and taking advantage of the disabled. A positive word couldn’t come out of these pessimistic mouths even if their life depended on it. You can see all this on any news channel you watch. And you can believe it when they tell you the world is only getting worse.


Bad things happen every second of every day. And bad things have been happening since the beginning of time. In the USA alone we have had our share of horrifying heartbreaks created by our own human hands – slavery, loss of Native culture, the Civil war, unfair treatment based on by race, gender, belief, or social status, The Great Depression, World Wars…

Some things are better today than they used to be and some things are worse. What are you going to do about the bad? Complain? Cry? Get discouraged? Instead, why don’t you let it motivate you? Get rightfully angry. Make yourself a better, stronger person. Ask yourself if there’s anything you can do? Then do it!

Secondly, surround yourself with good people. Most people are decent. It’s the small nice deeds that often go unnoticed. Usually there’s at least one wonderful attribute you can copy from nearly anyone. Everyone has something positive in their character. Pick it up and emulate it. My neighbor lost her husband 8 years ago. She’s had numerous surgeries. But there she goes out on her bicycle, smiling and encouraging everyone she meets. She’s not a rare find. There are tons of them out there. And before you mistakenly say, “well it’s easy to be happy and good if you’re born into a trouble-free life.” Most decent people I know have suffered some horrendous tragedies. You would never know unless you spent a lot of time with them.

Thirdly, start supporting the good stuff you see instead of complaining about the bad. We can get into the age old debate about whether or not we should make a big deal out of people doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Here’s the skinny, we are bombarded with so much ‘badness’, most of us wonder ‘why bother?’ The more time you spend acknowledging the good, the less time you waste on the bad. Be strong in your determination to notice what’s right. Don’t let naysayers beat you down.

Humans have a miraculous ability to overcome challenges. Unfortunately, we are all heading towards death and maybe one day the world will crash into a dark oblivion. But while we’re here why don’t we make it the best world we can.


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