Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My intentions for this blog:
• Write about the positives in the Brainerd Lakes area, such as: good books, great people, and wonderful organizations.
• Encourage volunteerism.
• Point out items I think are important but haven’t achieved a place in the “big news”.
• Create a sense of idealism. ; ; .
• Get people to act on their on their highest morals and values.

Theodore Roosevelt wrote a letter to Henry Sprague Jan. 26th, 1900. In it Mr. Roosevelt said, he was fond of the African proverb: “Speak softly and carry a big stick…”
He goes on to say that “if I had yelled and blustered as Parkhurst and the similar dishonest lunatics desired, I would not have had ten votes.”

We know screaming at people labels you a lunatic. We know yelling and blustering did not serve Howard Dean well. As parents, we know our kids don’t even “hear” our yelling.

Mr. Roosevelt seems to infer in his letter that having a sense of humor, keeping cool, and refusing to listen to anything that isn’t thoroughly upright are the tactics that will be crowned with success.

Armed with Mr. Roosevelt’s tactics, what can you change? In your brokenness, how can you succeed? What kind of world would be ideal to you? You know what’s right. Don’t let any one or any thing stop you from creating it.


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