Monday, April 21, 2008


Like most households, your budget is probably being crunched by the high gas prices and food costs. You look for the cheapest gas. You’ve cut back on going out to eat. “Money Saving Tips” and “Pinching Pennies” are daily discussions at your place.

And like you, your favorite charities are financially challenged. Local food shelves are helping more and more people. The food shelves were created to help poor and homeless people. Currently there are people with jobs, asking for food for their families, some very embarrassed to do so. It’s a difficult time for everyone.

One thing we all need to remember, is that we all suffer. We need to help each other pull ourselves up by our boot straps. Our loved ones, our neighbors, and those we don’t know, need a helping hand, not a hand-out.

We all know that “throwing money at problems” doesn’t make them disappear. So I challenge you to figure out ways you can help – yourself and someone else. For most of us this challenge ain’t gonna be easy. With our limited mobility, limited income, limited transportation, limited time, and difficulty taking care of ourselves, what can we do? I bet you can think of something.

Even though we live in the “Snark Ages” (an aptly coined phrase from the media), we can conquer the cynicism, irony, and hopelessness we see daily. We all can do things to help children, ill, elderly, animals, education systems, etc. I believe we can make our world better if we choose to. If you have good ideas for helping others, e-mail me:
I’d love to post them. I won’t reveal sources without permission. Don’t let the “Snarkyness” of your buddies keep you from sending a real heartfelt e-mail. Let your honor and compassion shine through, despite how “ill” it will make the rest of society. Be imaginative, inspired, and resourceful!


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