Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jon Hassler passed away on Thursday, March 20, 2008.

This past summer, my son and I read Mr. Hassler’s young adult book “Four Miles to Pinecone”. The novel was about a teenage boy dealing with what all teens have to deal with – grades, friends, part-time jobs, and big moral decisions. Quite awhile ago, I had read “Good People”. It was a warm-hearted book about the people in Jon’s life that impressed him with their kindness. His writing made me feel as though I knew him. Actually, I met him only once - briefly. I worked for his daughter at Book World several years ago. He came to visit her. I immediately wanted to absorb through osmosis whatever it was that made his writing so good.

He will be missed. As many noted or alluded to on his guest book page, he was a good man.

“Jon showed us that we do have choices, and that they are important, no matter how restricted our realm.”

“Beloved author and teacher Jon Hassler, whose unconquerable will to write became as much admired as his novels steeped in small-town Minnesota, died early Thursday of a Parkinson's-like disease. He was 74.”

“One of his most famous fans was Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hassler met her at the White House when she was first lady.”

“And with his loving heart, discerning eye and keen sense of humor, Jon made us laugh while we absorb these serious lessons,” Reinhart said.


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