Monday, March 10, 2008

I just finished reading Craig Nagel’s book, “A Place Called Home: Moments from an Ordinary Life”. What a good book! I closed the book feeling as though someone just opened the window on a sunny day. The book I read was borrowed from the library but I definitely need to buy my own copy.

I first ‘discovered’ Mr. Nagel in 2005. He writes for our local paper, the "Lake Country Echo". His column is entitled the ‘Cracker Barrel’. In September of 2005, Mr. Nagel’s column was about Sally Carrighar's books and her philosophy of nature’s morality. I have been collecting the columns I liked the most since then. I thought of Mr. Nagel as an imaginary friend: someone who was very smart because he shared my deepest truths. Funny how all the smart people you know believe what you believe?

“A Place Called Home” is a culmination of the ‘Cracker Barrel’ columns. The stories range from funny – ‘Letting Out the Cat’… to heart wrenching – ‘Kia’… to just plain, good, old-fashioned, common sense – ‘Two Rules’…

It really shouldn’t surprise me how much I liked this book. I have met/read several authors here in the North Country. Their written work has been astonishing. Here’s a short list of a few writers I have met (there are many, many authors I have yet to meet):

Don Dabill
Jon Hassler
Terry Mejdrich
Ted Lundrigan
Mike Holst
John Collins
Doris Bergstrom


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